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Building Happy Communities
since 1990

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At Utkal Builders that’s what we believe in – reiterating it with a touch of warmth and love in everything we create. Staying true to our belief that spaces created with love become places that are home to happiness. Well-knit communities that infuse people with the joy of delightful living.

Honoured to have pioneered the cause of modern gated communities for over 33 years in Bhubaneswar, we have already developed over 5 million sq.ft. with another 3 million sq.ft. underway. But what gives us the most pride is to have been the force behind landmarks that have transformed the skyline of the city and the fact that we have been able to welcome people into the embrace of healthier, happier and more productive living.

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5 Million+


33 Years


Building Landmarks, Not Just Structures

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Building Relationship With Care

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