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Home for<br> memories

Home for

where every story begins

Home for<br> memories

Home for

where every story begins

Creating History Through Landmark


With a promise transform buildings to homes, Utkal builders embarked on a significant voyageback in 1990 , since then they have treaded many paths and transcended myriad milestones. Bringing heart to every home was what inspired the brand to dream big. Building and bridging the skyline, today Utkal Builders is one of the revered real estate conglomerates of Odisha.

Dynamic, eclectic and distinct are the three driving forces that have steered the company’s growth in the last three decades (33 years). Over time, Utkal Builders have impeccably crafted multifarious establishments encompassing both residential and commercial segments

Raising the bar with every brick, today Utkal Builders is a benchmark in the sphere of Real-estate. Moving forward, the brand is now diversifying into multiple innovative sectors and one them being introducing the first of its kind smart homes in Odisha powered by intelligent designing and innovative technologies.

A Roadmap To Our Renown


“Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture”. With a strong conviction in our hearts and a passion to create historical landmarks, Utkal epitomise the values of the family.

Just like the homes, the company is built on a foundation and a legacy of trust spanning over three decades. We believe home is the soul and going by that we ardently focused on just one vision, ‘Building Happy Communities’. Because, a home nestles your dreams and enriches your aspirations for a happy Life.


We Practice What We Believe

It’s not about creating four walls, but experiences that lasts a lifetime. At Utkal every home is a masterpiece in its own.

The stringent quality parameters at Utkal have always ensured delivery of eminent projects at optimum cost and minimum impact to the environment. QMS training is mandatory for the technical team and upon qualification they are QMS certified. Utkal’s QMS also conforms to the ISO 9001 standard which assures you of finest quality in all its developments.

Our structures are designed & researched by a proficient team who works in accordance with ISI standards, ensuring adherence to each and every safety parameters. Adding to this, we guarantee a 100 percent safety of livelihood for the occupiers/buyers.

Driven By The Makers


Behind every great organization, there are visionaries who light the way and set the course for success. Here are the legends who envision our future and lead us towards it by guiding our ship, navigate our path, and inspiring us to reach new heights. Meet the visionaries and leaders who shape the future of our company and drive our mission forward.

Our Renown, Our Treasure


In our journey of over 3 decades, we have crossed several milestones, built several benchmarks. We have extended our footsteps and our renown along with it. And in our humble journey we have received the admiration of our beloved customers and patrons. Adding feathers to our cap, we keep rising & these recognitions stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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